Saturday, 16 June 2012

All quiet on the Western Front

Time to beat in 2012
Things seem to be just ticking along at the moment. motivation still not high to get back training, and even though the beginner group has started and they all seem to be progressing well, at this rate a week or two more and I won't be keeping up with them much at all.
Time for some drastic measures to be taken. i.e. put some effort in.
For me the exercise is more as a result of how it makes me feel mentally rather than just physically, and I seem to have lost the mental ooomph to push myself. So, the challenge for the next few weeks is to recover that motivation to get out there and DO, rather than sit home and wallow. Mind you with the rain we have been having, going out to wallow (mostly in mud and puddles) seems to be the thing. A nice drop of sunshine in the evening is much nicer to encourage a little bit of fresh air and participation in the forest.
So, am back to looking for my friend Will Power again to get me back on the straight and narrow, after all training for the great South will not happen by itself.