Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Will Power, my new best friend

Forgive me father for I have sinned, it has been 2 months since my last confession, and..... to be fair I'm not actually much further on than I was 2 months ago. Oh Dear! The idea of getting back to fitness and the combination of the food, exercise etc. is nice in theory, so why oh why is it so hard in practice.

To be fair, my running is starting to improve, I am now getting to the point of being able to run for much more than a 2 minute stint without collapsing in a heap, well on most of the sessions anyway, and to be fair the heat of the past few weeks hasn’t helped.

So far I have managed to kick-start my training regime back onto a track of sorts. I seem perfectly able to motivate myself to take out my beginner groups and encourage them to achieve in their sessions, and have even managed to be so motivational that many of them have joined in the local free 5k park runs and amazed themselves with their ability to run 5k when they never thought they could.
So great seem to be the motivational skills that one lady who was adamant she was never going to run again after she had completed her 5k race for life, has spent money on decent running shoes, shorts and tops, has entered the park run on several occasions so far and having been encouraged to run all of it one week with a companion, now runs the entire distance on her own, and has asked to carry on with the training once our 10 weeks is up and maybe build up to a longer distance. Next target 5-mile race in September, which I really need to enter myself, just to prove I too can do it.
So......motivating others - Tick done.....Motivating self....needs more work, a lot more work, in short I think I need a new best friend. One that isn't afraid to tell me what they think I should be doing and keep me motivated along the way while doing it.

I, however it seems, am not the person to be my best friend.

So hey best friend, just a bit of advice.......I know all the rules and what I should do, I just have a major willpower issue when it comes to doing it.

I know that planning has to be the key, along with lots of tick charts to keep me on the straight and narrow as all my good work with the calf stretching and water intake seems also to be slipping fast. Though I must admit, with the increase in the running the calves seem to have eased nicely now and my fluid intake seems to be much higher than previously, so maybe, just maybe, the habits have started to reap benefits.
Well OK then in that case lets get onto some nice new ones.

Logically I know what I need to do, the basic premise of eating fewer calories than you burn off is really quite simple to grasp. The difficulty comes with putting that into practice.
I speak to others and they seem to have that magic little thing called willpower.

Ha...if only it were so simple as that.

So Will if you are out there, please come and be my best friend, it seems you are the only one who can help.