Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Flaw in my Grand Plan

OK Folks, this post was heading in a slightly different direction before the London Marathon Magazines started arriving on doormats.
As anticipated the blow to my plan to run in 2012 has arrived. I have an acceptance for 2011. After I had picked myself up off the floor after laughing so hard, because that, as they might say, is typical. When you want to get in you can't, when you want a rejection it seems you can't get that either :-)

Now, many people would be very pleased with this outcome, after all, that is what you enter the ballot for isn't it? But I have a plan.......albeit a very vague plan....and that is to be running the 2012 London marathon. After all how can I tell people I am taking part in London 2012 otherwise?

The next step........well do I pay for my entry to secure the place? Then in time defer it to the following year at which time I pay again the following year when I go to take up my place.
Is it worth double the cost to get in?

But no.....wait.....there is an option outlined in the congratulations magazine. I can withdraw from the 2011 race, and I will then receive an email next May asking me if i wish to take up the 2012 place, at which time I assume I will need to pay.

Well there you go. So the decision, do I train like mad and run in a year I really don't want, do I pay and then defer, or do I withdraw and hope they don't forget me next year, because if they do by then I will have missed the ballot?

Decisions, decisions.

But really not much of one. With my knee still not working fully, and my training at present limited to two very short sessions a week, I know I have a long way to go to be marathon fit.
So.....the withdraw button was pressed and I now have 18 months to get fit, trained up and be ready to run the 26.2 miles around London in 2012.

Why did I want to do this again?

Ah yes.....because I am MAD!!!