Wednesday, 1 February 2012

All the best laid plans in ruins

Newly enthused for my training, I developed a slight cough, not too much to worry about, I thought, as I had similar before Christmas and away it went again quite quickly. This progressed to an impressive chesty hack and frothy sounding gurgle and rattle, followed by a touch of laryngitis that means my voice has been missing for a couple of weeks now (but is on the way back I hope).

Consequently the 10k, mid-January, I had signed up for was a No No. Breathing without wheezing has not been an option and even my Zumba class has had to be missed. (Shock horror, I really love that class)

To try and combat the ever increasing feeling of lethargy I opted to do a 10k walk at the Stonehenge Stomp (most others running the 10k or 20k or walking the 20k, or some brave fools running the 30k). I can tell I have not been exercising for a while now as I ached. It was, though a lovely morning, just ambling along with views of the stones in the distance, looking probably not as old as I was feeling. A very therapeutic experience indeed. But not a run.

While all the coughing and breathing issues have been going on, I feel a fraud for not actually feeling ill. Time for it to go please.

Hey ho, now it is 1st February. The marathon countdown clock is counting down much quicker day by day and my prospects for a quicker time than previously are looking slim. The run/walk programme is being brought into play, but I need to be out there to start it off. I still have no doubt I will get around it, but it is going to take me a lot of hard graft from now to get there.

I think in future I should plan not to make any plans and see what happens next. (having said that Lent fast approaches - the time of willpower for me; maybe the timing is just what I need)