Monday, 28 February 2011

The final puzzle piece AKA Who LENT me this Will Power?

Suddenly overcome with a vision of inspiration (can I have one of those?) I realised that each and every year I have my period of resolve and determination, right there in front of me.
It is called LENT!!!
Now don't ask me why I have such resolve and willpower during those 7 weeks but somehow it seems to work, and no I am not a religious person, so the meaning has no real significance for me, apart from the ability to stick with whatever I decide to do/give up etc.
WOW don't know why I didn't think of this before (well obviously it only happens before Easter so kind of precludes doing so at any other time of the year).

Anyway.......Lent fast approaches for 2011 and with a late Easter this year I have from now (28th Feb) until 9th March to PLAN my attack for this year, that gives me just over a week to plan my 7 weeks of determination.

More to follow.....really soon........honest