Tuesday, 19 April 2011

LENT for a while then taken away again???

Lent started with a rush of Willpower. A giving up of anything with Wheat in it and a 5 day detox to begin with and kick start the 6 ½ weeks up to Easter.

“The Harcombe Diet” provided me with a 5 day Phase 1 diet plan to boost me onto the right path and to help shift some blubber and thus remove the lethargy towards my training and fitness.

A 5 day eating plan removing all carbohydrate intake meant I was brimming with energy, had lost nearly 7lbs (in 5 days!!!) and could see the next target on the scales looming large at me.

6 weeks on and the scales are still looking at me with that “well where is the rest” attitude….oh it may just have numbers on it but I can tell it isn’t impressed with my lack of continued progress in the weight loss department. Though at least I have not yet managed to get myself back to where I started. I have found a new operating level, which is fine for the moment.

From Phase 1 I headed into Phase 2, which in brief meant no mixing of Carb foods with anything remotely animal/fat related. So no bacon butties, no jacket potato with cheese, no fish and chips!!! Just meat/fish with veg or quorn chilli with Jacket potato etc. which is fairly straightforward and of course for me extremely healthy, but after a while my lack of love for vegetables meant I started to dream of a roast dinner with all the trimmings (mixing potatoes and meat together!!!!). I know many people who would be happy with a plate of just vegetables and meat, but sadly I am not one of them, so this is a serious challenge for me.

Being wheat free is also a challenge but that gets easier with time, label reading becomes the norm and with no bread I am suffering much less with any indigestion.

Not combining the foods was straightforward to begin with. The aim - to eliminate blood sugar swings and other potential food intolerances, cutting cravings for food that is caused by these intolerances. And to be fair, my need for food has decreased and I am happily restricting my eating to 3 times a day with lack of snacking in between, which completely changes from my previous continual grazing habits. So something good to come from this so far. However as time progresses I notice I am choosing not to eat at all rather than eat more of the same thing, so I know my time with this "diet" is coming slowly to an end before I create other problems for myself through not eating at all.

So, 6 weeks in I find I am starting to slip. Bacon and Eggs is a nice start to the day, but nicer with a few potatoes and maybe beans and a slice of toast (even wheat free bread at this stage would be nice). Crisps (being my main downfall) suddenly have shifted from the supermarket shelves to my shopping basket and I am looking for alternatives to just eating salad and chicken for my lunches. Not being a great vegetable lover I have found this challenging and am building up to a good roast dinner with all the trimmings mixing the meat with potatoes and veggies all at once on Sunday.

What this has shown me is that I can do willpower (for the 5 day plan with no problem) and that with effort I can do the weight loss
With between 7 and 10lbs lost (depending on severity of previous days “cheating” or food avoidance) I am now on the way to better fitness, but as yet have not cracked it.

Time to plan the next phase before my willpower dries up completely and continue the good work I have started.
So a food diary next and watching what I eat then it’s increased exercise time.

The only person who can change the way I am is me and I need now to concentrate on my will power after all if I continue to do what I have always done I will always get the same results, so change is needed in order to change the outcomes I need. Phew.

So onwards and downwards (in weight) with more planning now needed.

Then next....the exercise regime.