Thursday, 29 September 2011

I love Leap Years

Well no getting out of it now as the "Congratulations" magazine arrived today. A few minutes of panic as I suddenly wondered if in fact I had paid for my entry or if I needed to pay for it (in the financial sense as I know I will pay for it physically in many ways), but a quick check of bank statements shows I paid on 15th June for 2 years worth (last and this - see previous for explanations on this). So 6 and a bit months to go eh?

Interestingly I have been very unfocussed this far, even having known the date was approaching, and I have known I was doing this from October 2010 when I received my 2011 acceptance (see previous also). Something tells me I can ignore no longer.

As of today I have 206 days or 29weeks and 3 days or 6 months and 23 days including the extra day very kindly added into the training known as 29th February, which I am certain will make all the difference. Which sounds better I am not sure at the moment, but am banking on that extra training day :-)

How short is this post eh? Impressed???

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Ha!!!! After all it is only money

Well here we are again, confused myself completely with the last post being dated 21st June when I know I posted it in July, so that'll teach me to hold onto a post for weeks before uploading it eh?

Anyhow, I know you are dying to find out how my training is isn't :-( I know, I know, just get on with it, it'll be less painful if I keep going with it now than put it off and try again later, but.......

I think I may have been to the gym at least once since my last post, spent an hour and got sooooo bored that I had to get out of there before I screamed rather loudly. Mixed up the programme a bit by rotating the exercises rather than completely overloading one muscle then moving on to the next. Maybe not strictly the idea but surely the same effect with marginally less muscle soreness afterwards. Seriously that intro session really put me off and if it was meant to encourage me to continue and improve it, that certainly failed in its objectives.'s the running? I hear you ask. Well again, things are not quite going to plan.

Calf muscles seizing after 15 minutes, hips (most probably tight ITB) giving me pain from the off and lower back tightness that really kicks in after a short while, have almost made it impossible to be out for more than half an hour. Something needs to be sorted or I shall not be doing any running anytime soon and the marathon will be even more of a challenge.

Along comes a lovely groupon voucher, offering a deal for 2 visits to an osteopath for £19 instead of £80. Snapped that one up quick, so decided to get some torture sorted of a different kind. A very nice Osteopath asked lots of important health questions and had I seen an Osteo before, to which I replied I had but felt that I was being brought back weekly to pay for a new car while everyone else was discharged after one or two visits. Famous last words then came from new Osteo....there should be no need to continue any treatment beyond a couple of weeks, we can sort you out. Ha!!! Like to see you try.

First problem.....pelvis may be out of line as a result of the fall I had last year (remember the pretty knee?) ah yes, leg length is different and pelvis a little out of line, so that sorted. (Ouch 1) neck and shoulders "Bloomin 'eck" or something similar, have never felt muscles as bad as that. Deep sigh from me. Nope not going to get the neck sorted I am afraid and I apologise for not being able to help more. Oh well that's more money to be thrown at the body then, maybe more massage will help first.

Next visit, day after a deep full body Thai massage, muscles much better :-) good stuff, back still OK but tight, shoulders/neck a little better but still no result. Maybe come back we go!!! (Ouch 2)

Later that same day, couldn't walk, the pain was constant, how people who have more serious problems cope i do not know. Hot water bottle and lying down was the only was to feel better, so much for a day of rest!!! (Big Ouch 3)

Wondering if I can win the lottery and have daily massage to pummel the muscles into submission then maybe I could be fixed OK.

Oh yes and the running? well a couple of friends, who also find club nights difficult to keep up with invited me to join them on their short runs. around 7k and slowly increasing will mean improvement etc. Started fine until the back and ITB started causing problems.

OK another tack to try Thursday morning ladies seem to have all disappeared for their holidays, so me, myself and I alone, had the enclosure to myself and worked a strategy I felt I could cope with, managed to push myself to get around run/walk styleee but finished feeling a sense of achievement. The next week was even better, much quicker and ready to develop onwards. I wonder if I can run/walk the marathon like that?

Final challenge for this blog was the first big Road Race League race of the season a 5 mile 2 lap race fairly hilly but short. Oh and look they do a 2 1/2 mile fun run being just one lap. Right done, 1 lap it is (the same distance as my Thursday run at the moment) I can run/walk and still be back at the finish in time to see the 2 lappers come in. Result!!! Well yes the result was I was last out of the 32 that ran in the fun run, most of whom were about 12, but I did it, my first race in a long time (and had the bonus of a nice policeman called Paul on his pushbike trying hard to stay on while I toddled round the course). But....I did it, I seem to have managed to get back onto the racing horse after a good few years absence, time to schedule the next one and start cracking at that long distance training build up.

But first I think I need to book another massage and some physio, let's get this ITB and back completely sorted. Ah well...after all it is only money!!! (Biggest Ouch 4)