Thursday, 29 September 2011

I love Leap Years

Well no getting out of it now as the "Congratulations" magazine arrived today. A few minutes of panic as I suddenly wondered if in fact I had paid for my entry or if I needed to pay for it (in the financial sense as I know I will pay for it physically in many ways), but a quick check of bank statements shows I paid on 15th June for 2 years worth (last and this - see previous for explanations on this). So 6 and a bit months to go eh?

Interestingly I have been very unfocussed this far, even having known the date was approaching, and I have known I was doing this from October 2010 when I received my 2011 acceptance (see previous also). Something tells me I can ignore no longer.

As of today I have 206 days or 29weeks and 3 days or 6 months and 23 days including the extra day very kindly added into the training known as 29th February, which I am certain will make all the difference. Which sounds better I am not sure at the moment, but am banking on that extra training day :-)

How short is this post eh? Impressed???

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