Tuesday, 11 May 2010

planning to plan the plan

Every journey starts with a single step, and I know there are going to be a lot of steps to my journey. I know where I am heading, but at the moment it looks like there is a long way to go to get there.

Having the idea is one thing, entering the ballot...well that's a sort of plan isn't it. I am saying "I plan to run the London Marathon", so that must be OK then right?

I like to think I am intelligent (from time to time) so I know that just saying that something will happen, won't necessarily make it happen, and being the world's worst at leaving things until the last minute, I do actually know that I can't just turn up on the day and expect to complete 26.2 miles without having put any effort into it first.

It's a bit like making a cake...honest it is..... all the ingredients in the correct quantities will make the cake come out of the oven in a beautifully edible state, but adding all the same ingredients in any amount you like will not have the same result, so it is with training etc. If I put into the mix a good training plan, that builds up gradually and add to it a sprinkling of the right ingredients....proper hydration, good nutrition... by the time I get to the event itself I it should all be second nature and I'll breeze through it. Well there's the theory anyway.

So to the plan
First write the target/goal down and pin it somewhere very visible, and at the same time make it SMART
"I am going to run the whole of the London Marathon in 2012 to finish uninjured and having enjoyed it in a time of between 5 and 5 1/2 hours" if that doesn't scare you....
Then look at my starting point
I have 102 weeks to go (getting less every day - but seemingly plenty of time eh?)
Currently struggle to run for 2 minutes (blame weather, weight, breathing etc)
Eating habits completely unhealthy (vegetables? what are they?)
Lack of regular hydration (unless lager and wine count)
Limbs that ache at the slightest form of exercise (you really wouldn't believe I have been running for years)

Start to formulate plan

1) Get the breathing checked out
2) Eating plan to be devised
3) Running programme to be worked on
4) strengthening exercises to be included to help build me up
5) Panic regularly then consider asking for help

Well as far as I see it the most difficult for me will be number 5 (The asking for help bit not the panic) as I very much like to sort things for myself, but there are people out there who have greater knowledge that I who can help to ppoint me in the right direction for each of the above. So maybe at the end of each of 1-4 I should add statement 5.

Now to flesh out the options

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