Thursday, 19 April 2012

Convict..... I mean Runner number 18484

Well the day fast approaches. Hard to believe that I started thinking about this 2 years ago and now it is almost here. Mentally I feel prepared, physically I know I should have been much better prepared, but then I suspect that everyone says that regardless of their actual training up to the day.

Think it is going to be a long cold day, so disposible handwarmers have just made my shopping list. Just checked the weather forecast - showing partly cloudy around the start time, then raining by 1pm getting lighter rain showers by 4pm and into the early evening. Ah well at least it will be cool and overheating isn't likely.

Pasta party this evening as a gesture from the running club to wish us all good luck, if only my running skills were as good as my organisational skills I'd be laughing in the face of the marathon now.

The last couple of weeks since my "trot" have been fairly "tapered". After never wanting to run again I knew that was not the way to get round 26.2 miles, so a nice sunny Good Friday saw me taking off to run to my Parents house and back on a beautifully prepared route. Plan was a choice of 6, 7 or 9 miles, one for out and one for back. Went with the 7 to get there (planning the 9 to come back), set off, got completely disorientated at one point and was heading in totally the wrong direction (easily corrected) and had to turn back at another place as the path I had thought I could use turned out to be a private drive blocked by large iron gates....hmmmmmm, "right to roam" sprang to mind at that point, but hey in the end 8 1/4 miles later I was enjoying a nice cuppa with my folks. An offer of a lift back was tempting, but needed to work the now tired legs and see how it went. Chose the short and direct route of 5 3/4 miles back, total 14 and no after-effects. Think I am ready, now just to extend it to 26.2.

With no other run during the week and my exercise classes (except one Bokwa) also missing due to holidays etc I waited until the Sunday to have another little trot out of 4 1/2 mile, took me an hour, had to push for that...sooooo slow. But hey legs felt good, a bit of pace was there, so now bring it on.

Marathon Expo attended, number collected, convict picture taken for the Wall of Fame (see pic above), goodies collected from charity stall, pasta eaten, lucozade marathon survival pack acquired, pace bands woefully inadequate as they only go up to 5 1/2 hours. Pah!!! will make my own then, or as was helpfully suggested maybe I should have picked up a 3 and a 3 1/2 band and could have added the times together, that would keep my mind occupied eh?

Nothing else to do now except iron the letters onto my running vest, pack my bags, eat pasta, rest up and then...........will let you know on Monday :-) Oh and if you want to put some pennies into my charity fundraising pot for Prostate Cancer please follow the link, it will be open until the end of July so plenty of time.

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