Tuesday, 15 May 2012

London Marathon +3 weeks and a £500 boost

Well no slow up in the excitement after London.
Trying hard to keep myself motivated to keep up the running with every nagging little voice shouting "don't do it", I pressed the button for the 2013 ballot. Yes I know daft but true, with an immediate "why did I just do that?" thought running through my head I then splashed out a small fortune on entering the Great South too in October this year. I have half an hour to shave off my 2011 time and get close to my 10 mile PB and am already wondering whether my sanity is somehow impaired.
Fortunately we have just started a new beginner group at the running club, and with my dogged determination to get back to it, in spite of the little voices, we set out on our first session for one minute running and one minute recovery intervals x 10. How can one minute be so tough after 26.2 miles?
One of the group trying hard to get me to say something positive about myself as I went into normal "I am slow so will be at the back mode" and to be fair she has a point. The marathon is no mean achievement whether run in 3 hours or in 6 1/2, the distance is the same and I guess I am not such a bad role model for the slower runner who thinks that a marathon is only achievable for fast, very fit, people. I must now resolve to be more positive with my realism rather than negative. (Which also means I need some determination too for both training and the perennial weight issues)
And a fabulous surprise to boost my fundraising pot too, as  I received an email from the RealBuzz team to say I had won their London Marathon Expo draw to win a £500 donation to my charity. How exciting :-) that certainly has added the positive into my marathon step and will help to boost the coffers of the Prostate Cancer Charity too.

Roll on the next blog entry eh? How much more excitement can we get?

Oh and my fundraising page is still open, so if you want to join the RealBuzz team and their donation head on over to http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/SueTizard

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