Thursday, 16 June 2011

Cheers to my Entry - Update.

Just a brief update (Is that possible?) Cheque for the entry went into the post with a long verbose letter (is there any other kind?) stating my case for previous non payment. In my hurry to send it I just headed for the post box and fingers crossed decided I would give them until the next Wednesday and I would contact again. (What no registered/recorded letter??? I hear you!!!!)

Daily checking of email showed nothing, Wednesday arrived (15th June so still 9 days to the deadline date) and I decided to phone again.

A very nice lady answered, "How can I help?", she said. I explained about having sent the cheque and she confirmed it had not been received. Mild panic before I asked, "Can I pay by card over the phone?" short pause while I held my breath, "Oh yes of course".....huge sigh of relief followed by irritation at previous Male (un)helpfulness.

I explained my conversation on Friday and she seemed completely unphased. "Well obviously we prefer cheque.... but there's no problem, I can deal with that now and you will get the link later today"

Regular email checking during the day and sure enough, early afternoon the email with the link appeared. I just needed my runner number to make the final link.....I think I have it somewhere.

Previous year's information found, email checked, link completed, more money paid and a nailbiting wait for the "Thank you for completing your 2012 Virgin London Marathon ill or injured entry, we can confirm that you now have an entry for the 2012 Virgin London Marathon."

I am hopeful that my cheque in the post will not constitute a duplicate entry to cancel all the work I have just done, but I think that is a straw clutching idea, so....

Ah!!!! Penny drops!!!

10 months to go then....better start training (have I heard that before somewhere?)

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